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Visual Studio .NET 2003 Service Pack 1 posted

Microsoft had quietly posted SP1 for VS .NET 2003 yesterday. For those of you still using this version, myself included, you can download it here:

SP1 release notes:

SP1 download:

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My first published MSDN Magazine article

The article is called “Bring Windows Desktop Search Into Visual Studio With Our Cool Add-In”. It’s about Visual Studio 2005 add-in development and Windows Desktop Search integration. Check it out right here:

It should be in July 2006 issue and available in stores early June. Hope you all like it.

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DPack and keyboard shortcuts

One of DPack’s development goals is that this tool doesn’t “get in a way”, i.e. doesn’t effect your VS coding experience and also doesn’t conflict with other tools. I’ve seen several comments saying that when DPack’s installed, its shortcuts assignment interferes with some other add-ins and VSIP packages (I recall ReSharper and CodeRush being mentioned).

Let me recap how DPack’s shortcuts are assigned. 99% of DPack’s commands have shortcuts. Unfortunately, some of the shortcuts used by bookmarks feature are reserved by VS and are rejected. To combat that, DPack installation contains a keyboard mapping scheme called ‘DPack’. It’s basically a clone of ‘Default Settings’ scheme with few commands shortcut assignment corrected. There is also another keyboard mapping scheme included called ‘Delphi’.

To work around shortcuts clash with other tools I could remove default shortcuts on all DPack’s commands. Thus, if you use ‘Default Settings’ keyboard scheme it’ll free up all shortcuts previously taken by DPack. Of course, you’d have to manually assign some of DPack’s commands that used to be set for you automatically. If you use ‘DPack’ or ‘Delphi’ mapping schemes then nothing will change for you. I might also provide ‘DPack VB6′ keyboard mapping scheme to accommodate large/former VB6 user base.

So, what do you all think? I’d appreciate some feedback. Please indicate your VS version and default keyboard mapping scheme when replying. Thanks.

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Visual Studio 2005 ACE Award

I received an email from Microsoft about a month or so ago. Looks like I’ve been nominated for an ACE (Award for Customer Excellence) Award for my Visual Studio 2005 contribution. Sure, it’s just some crystal ball but thought is what counts. :) Thanks Microsoft! I appreciate it.

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Visual Studio Text Markers w/o VSIP

One of the reasons for converting DPack from a collection of add-ins to a single VSIP package was to gain access to text markers. Numbered Bookmarks feature utilizes that with text marker being bookmark images shown in the Visual Studio gutter.

In his post Alex shows how to use text markers with add-ins, i.e. w/o VSIP. Keep in mind, that while you can get to the markers already exposed by VS, AFAIK there is no way to create brand new markers with add-ins. You’d still need VSIP for that.

Here’s his Text Markers article.

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Step by step Whidbey Beta 2 or CTP uninstallation

Here’s what had worked for me but your mileage may vary.

Using Add/Remove Programs, uninstall Beta 2 or CTP in this particular order:

  • Remove “MSDN Library for Visual Studio 2005 Beta”
  • Remove “Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express Edition”
  • Remove “Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Tools Express Edition”
  • Remove “Microsoft SQL Native Client”
  • Remove “Microsoft Visual Studio Tools for Office System 2005 Runtime Beta”
  • Remove “DMA Transport Update for VS 2005 Beta 2″
  • Remove “Microsoft Device Emulator 1.0 Beta”
  • Remove “Microsoft .NET Compact Framework 2.0 Beta”
  • Remove “Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Professional” or (Standard/Enterprise Architect/Team Suite, etc.)
  • Remove “Microsoft Document Explorer 2005 Language Pack”
  • Remove “Microsoft Document Explorer 2005″
  • Remove “Microsoft SQL Mobile 2005 Development Tools”
  • Remove “Microsoft MSXML 6 SDK and Parser”
  • Remove “Microsoft Visual J# .NET Redistributable 2.0 Beta Language Pack”
  • Remove “Microsoft Visual J# Redistributable Package 2.0 Beta”
  • Ensure all Visual Studio 2005 products have been removed from your system
  • Remove “Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 Beta Language pack”
  • Remove “Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 Beta”

Continue with the following post uninstallation manual clean up (* implies ‘any name’):

  • Delete HKLM and HKCU Software\Miscrosoft\VisualStudio\8.0 registry keys
  • Delete “\Documents and Settings\YourProfileName\Application Data\Microsoft\CLR Security Config\v2.0.*” folder
  • Delete “\Documents and Settings\YourProfileName\Application Data\Microsoft\DbgClr\8.0″ folder
  • Delete “\Documents and Settings\YourProfileName\Application Data\Microsoft\VisualStudio\8.0″ folder
  • Delete “\Documents and Settings\YourProfileName\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\DbgClr\8.0″ folder
  • Delete “\Documents and Settings\YourProfileName\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\VisualStudio\8.0″ folder
  • Delete “\Documents and Settings\YourProfileName\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\VisualStudio\devices\8.0″ folder
  • Delete “\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v2.0.*” folder (assuming Windows is installed into \Windows\ folder)
  • Delete “\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 8″ folder, ignoring any warnings you might get
  • Delete v2.0 assemblies from GAC by navigating to “\Windows\assembly” folder. v2.0 assemblies are the ones whose name start with System.*, Microsoft.* or vj* and have version of
  • Delete old Crystal Reports assemblies from GAC. Their names start with Crystal* and have version of 10.*

Reboot just in case, disable antivirus and antispyware software and you should be ready to install Visual Studio RTM.

Some helpful references:
Uninstalling Previous Versions of Visual Studio 2005.
Download Microsoft’s autouninstall tool.

Hope this helps.

Sergey @ USysWare