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Implementer add-in just ain’t gonna happen

It seems that VS already has that functionality, i.e. an ability implement, i.e. create stubs for you, interfaces and abstract classes. I’ve stumbled on this by accident. The funny thing is that VB.NET and C# support that differently. It’s almost as if two separate teams implemented it but it hasn’t been thought through by the integrators.

Anyways… In VB.NET, position the cursor at the end of class declaration and press Enter key. It should auto-complete all classes and interfaces. In C# on the other hand, type the interface or class name that new class either implements or derives from and hit comma. Then delete the comma via BkSp key. You should get a tooltip window saying something like Press Tab key to implement… Press Tab key and it should auto-complete all classes and interfaces for you.

So, looks like there won’t be any need for my “implementer“ add-in after all.

Sergey @ USysWare

New add-in in works

I’ve been working on a new interface implementer add-in. The idea is that you declare one or more interfaces on your class, hit some key combination and add-in will auto-magically add all required/missing members to satisfy the interface implementation. If any of the members are already present in the class then those members won’t be added.

Add-in will also insert the new method comments to indicate which interface member it implements. There will also be TODO items added for you to review the newly added members.

So, stay tuned…

Sergey @ USysWare

Blog here I come…

This is my first USysWare blog entry. I intend to cover my DPack for VS.NET in great detail here. Check the DPack link on the right hand side. For the reference, DPack in i’ts current version consists of the following add-ins:

Code Browser add-in
Code Navigation add-in
Bookmarks add-in
Delphi Keyboard Mapping Scheme
Stay tuned. There will be more to come soon.

Sergey @ USysWare