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DPack 2.0 Beta 4 released

This is hopefully the final v2.0 beta release. Here’s what’s new and changed in this release:

  • Added a new Solution Statistics feature. It collects information on all projects in the currently opened solution. Once statistics is collected, it’s displayed in the solution statistics dialog. See the screenshot attached.
  • Modified Numbered Bookmarks feature and added two new menu items to recall previous and next file bookmark.
  • Added member name copy to clipboard support via Ctrl-C shortcut to Code Browser.
  • Modified installation application and added “set default mapping scheme” installation options.
  • Modified installation application to copy keyboard mapping schemes into VS.NET installation folder as oppose to user application data one. The side effect of this is that installed schemes are read-only by default.
  • Fixed Numbered Bookmarks feature not loading bookmarks correctly at VS.NET startup.
  • Fixed a Surround With feature exception working with files under source control.
  • Fixed broken C++ support for .NET type of projects.
  • Added RemObjects’s DebugServer support for all logging. Note that DebugServer support is only be enabled for beta versions.
  • Miscellaneous patches and improvements.

The new version is available at Enjoy.

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Solution Statistics

Politics-Oriented Software Development

“A brief guide to software development in the real world. Aimed mainly at new developers: experienced programmers already know most of this. This guide is for hands-on programmers, not managers.”

This article was created as a collaboration on ko4ting the K5 wiki by clover kicker, motty, R Mutt, Scrymarch and TheophileEscargot.

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Creating a Visual Studio 2005 Tools/Options Page

Brought to you by Jim Glass of Microsoft:

This draft walkthrough guides you through the steps of creating two Tools/Options pages.

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