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Whidbey Beta 2 is finally out - go get it!

If you’re a MSDN subscriber then it’s your lucky day. Long awaited Visual Studio 2005 Beta 2 has been finally released today. You can download it by logging on to

Sergey @ USysWare

On board with NTeam

I’ve recently joined my first OSS (Open Source Software) project called NTeam. Having DPack and VS.NET extensibility experience under my belt, I look forward to contributing to this very promising initiative.

eWeek just posted an interview with several of the project organizers:,1759,1784187,00.asp. NTeam is hosted at

“NTeam will be an open source alternative to the upcoming Visual Studio Team System(r) and will utilize many existing open source applications such as NUnit, NAnt, and will link with various open source project, issue, and task management applications. NTeam will integrate with both proprietary and open source IDEs and will target small- and mid-sized businesses.”

Sergey @ USysWare

DPack 2.0.7 released

Here’s what’s new and changed in this release:

  • Added an ability to enable or disable individual DPack features. There is a new configuration entry called DPack available now under Tools|Options dialog.
  • Fixed Numbered Bookmarks feature problem where bookmark toggle would fail sometimes on first attempt but would work fine on the next one.
  • Miscellaneous IDE startup time and performance improvements.

Due to IDE startup time improvments, this update is highly recommended to all users. The new version is available at Enjoy!

Sergey @ USysWare