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Halo 2 ASP.NET stats web site case study

I’m passionate about Halo and anything that has to do with Halo. I’ve been playing Halo 2 for a while now and really appreciate what Bungie had done with their Halo 2 stats site. I’ve noticed a while back that’s it’s an ASP.NET based site and have been wondering about its design ever since. The site handles enormous load, which is a testimony to IIS6 and ASP.NET scalability. I certainly contribute to the site load too :) (Xbox Live gamer tag ‘UncleSam1′).

Here’s just how much load it gets:

“Built with the Microsoft .NET Framework, serves up more than 4 million pages per day, accumulating 300 gigabytes of online game statistics per month from more than 1 million games played daily. Deemed “Most Innovative Design” by IGN Entertainment in 2004, the site provides innovative ways for users to view game statistics and details as well as interact with each other through forums and team Web pages. The release of the site represented a milestone in online console game play.”

Impressive to say the least!

You can read the full case study here:

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Updated DPack web site with Tips and Tricks

I’ve added “Tips and Tricks” menu item for DPack web site. There you’ll find some of the DPack’s not so obvious features listed.

Here are direct links to features tips:

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Web site and blog move’s complete

My apologies if you’ve had some issues with the web site or were unable to retrieve DPack’s blog feed. We have just finished moving to a new web host and all should be back to normal. It was also the time to get a facelift for our web site, setup new forums and update to a new blog engine.

Unfortunately, dasBlog had to go as it didn’t play nicely on web host’s server in partially trusted environment hence conversion to WordPress blog engine. WordPress blog engine runs on MySQL and PHP and so far I’ve been very much impressed with it.

All blog contents has been converted to WordPress and old-style feeds have been re-instated as well. If you run into any blog related issues or web site ones for that matter, please don’t hesitate to let me know.

Here are some pending issues:

  • Web site menus work funky with FireFox very first time you load the page. Refresh it and it should work fine thereafter. It’s on to-do list.
  • .NET base Rss readers such as RssBandit and JetBrains O/Reader report an error on a feed refresh. It appears to be a .NET 1.1 issue. Both vendors/developers have been notified. Fixed!

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DPack 2.1.1 with new Solution Backup feature released

Here’s what’s new and changed in this release:

  • Added new Solution Backup feature. Solution backup feature allows one to backup either entire solution or individual projects solution comprises of. Various feature options could be customized using Tools|Options dialog, DPack|Solution Backup node.
  • Fixed a problem with File Browser opening file’s code view regardless of file’s design view or source view selection. Example: now selecting web form’s .aspx file would open the design view, and selecting .aspx.cs file would open the source view, i.e. code behind.
  • Modified File Browser to improve resource file type handling.
  • Added Bookmarks feature’s menus to the web files (html, web forms, web user controls, style sheets, etc.) context menu.
  • Miscellaneous improvements and VS.NET 2005 related patches.

The new version as well as Solution Backup feature screenshots are available at Enjoy!

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