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DPack 2.5 (Beta 1) with Whidbey RC support released

I’m proud to introduce new DPack beta version 2.5. Full version is scheduled to be available shortly after Whidbey RTMs. Thus this beta is set to expire on November 21st.

Here’s what’s new and changed in this release:

  • Repackaged all assemblies into a single assembly. This should improve overall DPack load time.
  • Introduced new matching filter to Code Browser feature. It first filters all members whose names match filter criteria from the start. It then adds all members whose names match filter criteria anywhere in their names.
  • Miscellaneous File Browser improvements.
  • Added files count and ratio columns to Solution Statistics dialog.
  • Added some of Numbered Bookmarks, and all of Code Navigation and Surround With feature menu items back to the Edit menu. This means that these commands are available for customization again.
  • Removed Bookmarks feature task list support and introduced a brand new bookmarks toolwindow accessible from the View menu.
  • Improved Code Navigation feature to jump to the begging/end of the method declaration if the cursor is positioned somewhere within the method.
  • Various C++ support bug fixes.
  • Added support for Whidbey RC.
  • Introduced a new installation task, which adds a Windows shell “Visual Studio Command Prompt Here” item. This is simply a convenient shortcut to Visual Studio command prompt batch file.
  • Miscellaneous fixes and improvements.

The new version is available at Enjoy!

Sergey @ USysWare

Peter Jackson to run the production of Halo movie

“The Oscar-winning creative team behind the “The Lord of the Rings” films, including director Peter Jackson, has been named to run the production of the upcoming film based on Microsoft Corp.’s blockbuster “Halo” video game, the company said on Tuesday.”

“”Halo” will be shot in Wellington, New Zealand, and will use Jackson’s production and post-production facilities there.”

Sergey @ USysWare