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DPack and keyboard shortcuts

One of DPack’s development goals is that this tool doesn’t “get in a way”, i.e. doesn’t effect your VS coding experience and also doesn’t conflict with other tools. I’ve seen several comments saying that when DPack’s installed, its shortcuts assignment interferes with some other add-ins and VSIP packages (I recall ReSharper and CodeRush being mentioned).

Let me recap how DPack’s shortcuts are assigned. 99% of DPack’s commands have shortcuts. Unfortunately, some of the shortcuts used by bookmarks feature are reserved by VS and are rejected. To combat that, DPack installation contains a keyboard mapping scheme called ‘DPack’. It’s basically a clone of ‘Default Settings’ scheme with few commands shortcut assignment corrected. There is also another keyboard mapping scheme included called ‘Delphi’.

To work around shortcuts clash with other tools I could remove default shortcuts on all DPack’s commands. Thus, if you use ‘Default Settings’ keyboard scheme it’ll free up all shortcuts previously taken by DPack. Of course, you’d have to manually assign some of DPack’s commands that used to be set for you automatically. If you use ‘DPack’ or ‘Delphi’ mapping schemes then nothing will change for you. I might also provide ‘DPack VB6′ keyboard mapping scheme to accommodate large/former VB6 user base.

So, what do you all think? I’d appreciate some feedback. Please indicate your VS version and default keyboard mapping scheme when replying. Thanks.

Sergey @ USysWare