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DPack 2.5.6 is out

New DPack version 2.5.6 is available now. This is primarily a maintenance release. Here’s what’s changed in this version:

  • Added Solution Browser type filtering toolbar buttons to help fine-tune the results list. Also added a toolbar button to hide/show results summary tree view.
  • Expanded Ctrl-Shift-C key combination support for all browser features to copy all shown items to the clipboard.
  • Improved missing project or project files error handling. Solution Browser, Code Browser and Collapse All Projects simply ignore missing project files now without raising any errors. Solution Backup displays a confirmation dialog now allowing to bypass a missing file.
  • Fixed options dialog issues with Windows large size DPI setting.
  • Worked around VS 2005 code model bug pertaining to setup projects and Collapse All Projects feature. From now on all non-language projects such as setup ones will be collapsed at the main node level only.

The new version is available at Enjoy.

Sergey @ USysWare