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New DPack features coming down the pipe

Hi all,

I’ve been hard at work preparing set of new features for the next DPack version 2.6. I’ve been repeatedly asked by users in the past to add toolwindow support for some of DPack’s features such as File Browser and Code Browser. I prefer Visual Studio dialogs over toolwindows but I’m finally convinced and decided to pull the plug on it. First in line for toolwindow make over is File Browser. When that’s done I’ll release a beta version and move onto Code Browser. And finally when that’s done as well, there will be another short lived beta out followed by 2.6 release.

For those of you who prefer modal dialogs over toolwindows there basically will be no change in the new version. New configuration option to control that mode will be set to ‘Dialog Mode’ by default, as shown in this screenshot:

Tools|Options dialog

When you set it to ‘Toolwindow Mode’, it’ll disable Tools ‘File Browser’ menu and re-enable View|DPack Windows ‘File Browser’ one instead. That’s illustrated in the next screenshot:

View Menu

And finally, when you select new ‘File Browser’ menu it’ll bring all familiar File Browser but hosted in the toolwindow, as shown in this final screenshot:


Note that all of the screenshots were taken on VS.NET 2003.

So, that’s the plan. I’ll post another message when the new beta is ready (a couple of weeks from now at least).

Sergey @ USysWare