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DPack 2.6 Beta 1 released

New DPack version is available now. Major new feature of this release is dockable tool window support for File Browser. File Browser’s dialog mode (Dialog vs. Tool Window) is controlled via new DPack|File Browser configuration page on Tools|Options dialog.

Here’s what’s new and changed in this release:

  • Updated File Browser to work in two modes - dialog (default) and tool window (new) one. New mode is controlled via new ‘File Browser’ configuration options page available from Options dialog.
  • Restructured DPack Tools menu and combined all items under a single menu called DPack.
  • Added File Browser ‘Ignore File Types’ configuration option.
  • Added Code Browser dialog ‘Default Sort Order’ button. It toggles between sort by line number (default) and sort by member name modes.
  • Improved browsers results list update speed. New scheme delays all as you type updates, issuing just one update when you stop typing.
  • Removed backup’s ‘Ignore Files’ configuration option.
  • Minor Solution Browser UI improvements.
  • Added ‘Browsers Display Mode’ installation application page.
  • More installation updates with Windows Vista compatibility.
  • Fixed memory leak pertaining to all browser features.
  • Miscellaneous fixes and improvements.

And lastly, based on VS.NET 2003 support poll results (available here), when released, v2.6 will be the last DPack version to support VS.NET 2003. Moving forward, all development will concentrate on VS 2005 only.

Please report any issues on support forums. The new version is available at Enjoy.

Sergey @ USysWare

Another poll: your favorite and/or most frequently used feature?

What’s your favorite and/or most frequently used feature? Please visit support forum and cast your vote (no registration’s required). Thanks.

Vote here:

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