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DPack 2.7.1 released

New DPack version 2.7.1 is available now. This version introduces new features and important usability improvements.

This release also happens to contain features that are not something I personally thought of adding/implementing but rather you, DPack users, had suggested and requested over the past months. I appreciate your feedback and I hope you like the outcome. 

Here’s what’s new and changed in this version:

  • Improved all browser features search functionality to support multiple search expressions separated by spaces. Multiple search expressions act like AND operator.
  • Added Xml Documentation comments support for Code Browser and Solution Browser, accessible via new toolbar button or Alt-X key combination. Xml Documentation comments can also be copied to the clipboard using Ctrl-Alt-Shift-C key combination. Note that Xml Documentation comments are support for all languages but Chrome.
  • Code Browser’s “Properties Only” command doesn’t include fields anymore and shows properties only.
  • Modified File Browser and Solution Browser to no longer process and display .Designer files.
  • Added “Collapse All Projects” menu item with default Shift-Alt-C shortcut to Tools|DPack menu.
  • Slightly improved Code Browser performance.
  • Improved Framework Browser generic types display.
  • Fixed ReportViewer .NET 2.0 control and File Browser integration problem.

Note: as I mentioned in my last post, VS.NET 2003 is no longer supported. Last VS.NET 2003 compatible DPack version is still available for download though.

The new version is available at Enjoy.

Sergey @ USysWare