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First Orcas compatible DPack version is available

Yep, it’s that time again when we dive into new Visual Studio version. Visual Studio 2008 (aka Orcas) Beta 2 has been released a few weeks ago, which then followed by matching VS SDK release. It took, surprisingly, a lot of effort to get DPack support Orcas. I expected a lot of VS SDK interfaces changes but that part, with the exception of one or two issues, wasn’t the case.

The primary issue I’ve had to deal was resources related. DPack’s rooted in VS.NET 2003 VSIP SDK. I’ve been using unmanaged resource and CTC resource format for both VS.NET 2003 and VS 2005 since day one. In VS 2008 Microsoft folks decided to deprecate it in favor of new XML-based VSCT resource format. In order to avoid maintaining two massive and completely incompatible resource files, one for VS 2005 and one for VS 2008, I’ve decided to bite a bullet and convert it for VS 2005 to VSCT using pre-released tools from VS SDK.

It didn’t go smoothly but it’s fine now and I’m happy with an outcome. On the upside, DPack no longer uses unmanaged resources. And as a result, there is only one assembly to distribute now, instead of former two, where one used to be that unmanaged resource assembly.

Back to the matter in hand. Here’s what’s new and changed in version 2.8.0 (beta 1):

  • Added VS 2008 Beta 2 (aka Orcas) support.
  • Added Solution Statistics Export button to export statistics to a CSV file.
  • Added “Include configuration files” and “Backup file name format” Solution Backup configuration options. First option controls whether special .suo and .user files are included in the backup. And the second option allows for VS build-macro-like parameters in the backup file name.
  • Orcas related internal rework and installation application changes to utilize a single assembly with all managed resources.

The new version is available at Enjoy.

Sergey @ USysWare