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DPack 2.8.4 released

New DPack version 2.8.4 is available now. This is an unscheduled update meant to fix a critical Code Browser bug introduced in v2.8.3 just prior to release. My applogies for that.

Here’s what’s fixed in this version:

  • Fixed a problem with Code Browser not showing all members sometimes.
  • Fixed a problem with File Browser displaying an error while debugging a VS 2008 web project with JavaScript scripts.

The new version is available at I recommend you grab it ASAP.

Sergey @ USysWare

DPack 2.8.3 released

New DPack version 2.8.3 is available now. This release introduces several miscellaneous features and addresses some of the reported issues.

Here’s what’s changed in this version:

  • Modified File Browser to use default Visual Studio icons for known code files such as C#, etc., and default Windows shell icons for unknown file types.
  • Added File Browser feature that allows one to select a file in Solution Explorer without actually opening that file in the editor. One can use Ctrl-Shift-Enter key combination instead of Enter to engage this feature. The same feature is accessible via ‘Locate In Solution Explorer’ menu item on document’s context menu.
  • Made various improvements to File Browser file list sorting.
  • Slightly improved all browsers search filter performance.
  • Added Copy and Paste context menu items to Solution Explorer References node and individual reference nodes. This feature is similar to one offered by CoolCommands package.
  • Fixed a problem with Visual Studio Command Prompt shell command not working on drives other than Windows default one.
  • Miscellaneous C++ projects related Solution Backup fixes.
  • Worked around WiX projects processing problems.
  • Worked around VS extensibility issue that prevented Collapse All from processing solution folder items correctly.
  • Fixed Code Browser problem not displaying member declaration in the status bar correctly when member’s decorated with attributes.

Solution Browser issue I mentioned in the previous post hasn’t been addressed yet. It’ll likely be fixed for the next version.

The new version is available at Enjoy.

Sergey @ USysWare