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WPrinter 3.1 (build 120) released

We are pleased to announce general availability of new WPrinter version 3.1. This is mainly a maintenance release.

Here is the list of fixes in this version:

  • Report IP Address port based printers as network ones now.
  • Printer driver and port weren’t getting updated sometimes on printer properties change.
  • Lite version wasn’t reflecting printer driver and port changes sometimes.

The new version is available at Enjoy.

DPack 2.9.3 released

New DPack version 2.9.3 is available now. This is mainly a maintenance release. Here’s what’s fixed in this version:

  • Fixed Browsers list view search flicker.
  • Fixed C++ projects Solution Browser cache update problem when deleting code elements.

The new version is available at Enjoy.

On VS 2005 compatibility:
This release is a last Visual Studio 2005 compatible one. Yep, DPack support for that version is ending. This last version, just like VS.NET 2003 compatible one, is still available for download on the main site.

On VS 2010 Beta 2 compatibility:
VS 2010 Beta 2 conversion is in progress. All features work fine as far as I can tell, with the exception of Bookmarks. Setup needs to be reworked to support the new registration method. And not to mention that it’d be nice to be able to install DPack using new Extension Manager. I’ll post more when new VS 2010 Beta 2 compatible version is available.

Sergey @ USysWare