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DPack (Beta) released

New DPack version for VS 2008/2010 RC is available now. This is a first VS 2010 RC compatible release. DPack for VS 2010 RC can be installed using either regular setup application (an .exe file) or a new VS extension package (a .vsix file). Setup application is available for download from USysWare web site, while an extension package is accessible from Visual Studio Gallery only.

Here’s what’s new and fixed in this version:

  • Updated Code Browser to work in two modes - dialog (default) and tool window (new) one. New mode is controlled via new ‘Code Browser’ configuration options page available from Options dialog.
  • Updated Code Browser to retain the last search filter in dialog mode for the duration of VS session. The filter is still automatically cleared when switching to a different code file or when using a different member filter (classes, methods, etc.) within the same file.
  • First Visual Studio 2010 RC compatible version. Visual Studio 2010 betas are no longer supported.
  • Fixed Solution Browser and Solution Statistics problem processing projects with duplicate names. This resulted in Solution Browser cache file format change.
  • Fixed Solution Browser VS TS Database Edition .sql file handling problem.

The new version is available at Enjoy.

DPack and Visual Studio 2010 RC

In short, it’s coming. Unfortunately, not for another week or two. I’m right in the middle of Code Browser rework, which once all is complete, should be ported over to VS 2010 RC. Timing could’ve been better on my side, sorry, but it is what it is. Stay tuned. Thanks.