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DPack (Beta) is available

Just posted new DPack version 3.0.15 beta 2, which is gonna run for the next 20 days or so. It includes an important change, which I wanted to get tested a bit more before pushing it out. A bit of explanation is needed about the nature of the changes I made.

Most of the features in DPack rely on Visual Studio file code model (FCM) for project language discovery. Project language is used to match the project to the ones which are fully supported by DPack, C#, VB, etc. Once match’s made DPack can then determine if such and such file in the project a code one or not, and thus, if its code model (CM) can be retrieved. That code model is used by features like Code and Solution Browser, for instance, to discover file members.

So, if project’s file code model is not available then DPack skips the project processing. In other words, this project file code model reliance prevents DPack from being able to process non-supported projects like IronPythin or newly released Lightswitch for instance. In reality this behavior is perfectly fine for the features that rely on individual file code model but makes little sense for the ones that don’t utilize it. For instance, File Browser and Solution Backup shouldn’t care about project’s language, as all they do is either open files or back them up.

The changes I’ve made relax File Browser and Solution Backup file code model reliance. From here on these feature should be able to get to any project file, as long as those files are exposed/accessible via Visual Studio extensibility. In case of File Browser, most/all of those type of files will show up as non-code ones, so make sure to toggle All/Code Files option. All this means that projects like Lightswitch, IronPython, etc. will be (partially) supported now.

Hope this makes sense. Please report any problems you run into. Thanks.

DPack 3.0.15 (beta 2) for VS 2008
DPack 3.0.15 (beta 2) for VS 2010


Sergey @ USysWare

DPack upcoming changes

Been thinking about this for some time now and I think I’m gonna green light Open Sourcing DPack. In the end, I’d rather see new life and new ideas injected into that than not. I’ll need a few weeks to prepare the source code base. I’m sure it’ll take some time to get the builds setup so there may be an initial delay between having it posted and the next GA release.

I’ll also need to figure out how to handle company name, installation, registry key(s), copyright notice, EULA, old web site, etc changes. I actually am not sure how these type of things transition into OSS world. So, please reply if you have any references. I’d appreciate that.

The new home of DPack should be, once all is up and running that is. So, keep an eye out for it.

In preparation to OSS DPack I’ve pushed out the last maintenance update v3.0.13 to tie all loose ends. Additionally, I’m sorry to report but v3.0.13 is gonna be the last one to support Delphi Prism/Chrome/Oxygene. Actually I’m not even sure it works now as it hasn’t been tested against Prism/Chrome/Oxygene for awhile now. All existing Delphi Prism/Chrome/Oxygene integration will be stripped out of the posted OSS DPack version. Just a heads up.

So, changes are coming. Stay tuned for more updates. Thanks.

DPack 3.0.13 released

New DPack version 3.0.13 is available now. This is a small maintenance release.

Here’s what’s changed in this version:

  • Fixed minor Solution Backup problem.
  • Minor Delphi keyboard mapping scheme changes.

The new version is available at Enjoy.

Sergey @ USysWare