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DPack for Visual Studio 11 update status

Just wanted to post a VS11 update status. After the conversion all features worked fine out of the box for the most part. I ran into browser features dialog mode problem, which I was able to figure out eventually. I did run into a showstopper with Bookmarks feature though. Bookmarks images aren’t drawn correctly or not at all, and no errors are returned from VS SDK afaict. I’ve submitted a bug report a few weeks back and heard… nothing back from Microsoft once the test case’s been provided. That’s what’s been preventing me from releasing a beta version.

My bug submission is right here on Connect:

The way Connect works supposedly is that they look at number of submission votes and if it appears to be high enough it gets looked at and resolved presumably. So, I’d appreciate if you guys hit the link above, you’ll need to sign in, and cast your vote. This will hopefully get things moving for all of us.