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DPack for VS 2013 Preview (ALPHA version)

I’ve just posted an alpha version of DPack for VS 2013 Preview. This version is basically a quick build of DPack VS 2012 code base on VS 2013 without any regular testing being done. I see some UI issues here and there and all that to be expected and is fine at this stage. VS Preview is a moving target and things will stay fragile until VS 2013 RC at a minimum. So, no need to report any problems at this time. Alpha is set to expire on first Monday of October. Enjoy.

DPack (alpha) for VS 2013

DPack 3.7.1 released

New DPack version 3.7.1 has just been posted. It introduces yet another Code Browser change - support for Xml and config files. This feature is more or less self explanatory - it presents a list of all tags in the Xml file, allowing you to navigate to a given tag within a file. It should come handy when working with application/web config files. It’s also setup to ignore commonly used base tags such as “add” and “delete”.

Here’s what changed in this version:

  • Added Code Browser support for Xml files.
  • Modified File Browser to better handle linked files with Build Action set to None.
  • Updated Code Browser JavaScript support with assemblies from the latest v3.6 of JavaScript Parser extension.
  • Fixed Solution Browser large VS 2012 solutions load problem, which was causing for solution cache to be erroneously invalidated, resulting in multiple project cache scans and longer than necessary solution load time.
  • On a similar note, fixed File Browser large VS 2012 solutions load problem, which was causing for the file list to not initially show any files.

DPack 3.7.1 for VS 2012
DPack 3.7.1 for VS 2010


Sergey @ USysWare