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DPack 3.8.1 (Beta 2) is available

DPack beta version is available now. It’s a small update, which introduces VS 2013 RTM compatibility. It also fixes a setup application problem on Windows 7 with both Visual Studio 2012 and 2013 installed side by side. Enjoy.

DPack 3.8.1 (beta 2) for VS 2012
DPack 3.8.1 (beta 2) for VS 2013

Sergey @ USysWare

DPack 3.7.3 released

New DPack version 3.7.3 has just been released. It’s mostly a maintenance update with some Code and File Browser improvements, Windows 8.1 related changes and Visual Studio 2013 RC support (earlier VS 2013 betas are no longer supported). Please note that this is the last Visual Studio 2010 compatible release. From here on Visual Studio 2012 and 2013 will be the only supported versions.

Here’s what changed in this version:

  • File Browser and Solution Backup configuration settings improvements.
  • Code Browser cshtml and vbhtml JavaScript processing improvements.
  • Added Visual Studio 2013 RC support.
  • Modified Solution Statistics to no longer process JavaScript and Xml files, feature which was introduced in the last version.
  • Fixed Windows 8.1 setup application compatibility problem.

The new version is available at Enjoy.

Sergey @ USysWare