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DPack 3.9.1 (Beta 3) is out

DPack beta version is available for download now. This beta is set to expire on May 4th. Here’s what new in this release:

  • Added Visual Studio 2015 CTP5 and up support.
  • Deprecated Visual Studio 2012 support.
  • Reworked all browsers matching to partially be rank based. That should result in better matching/sorting with more likely matches getting listed at the top of the list.
  • Simplified all browsers UI and eliminated match selection option. From here on there is only one type of match in place, one based on item’s rank and only then on name.
  • Added Solution Explorer project node “Copy Full Path” item, which copies full project’s file name to the clipboard.
  • Updated Code Browser JavaScript support with assemblies from the latest v3.7 of JavaScript Parser extension.

DPack 3.9.1 (beta 3) for VS 2013
DPack 3.9.1 (beta 3) for VS 2015 CTP 5 and up

Please report any issues you find either via email or support forum. Enjoy.

Sergey @ USysWare