DPack 2.8.1 released

I’m proud to announce a new major version 2.8.1 release. It’s been long time in making but worth the wait in my opinion. This new version features improved performance, polished UI and various usability improvements. A lot of changes included in this release are direct result of your requests and suggestions. Thanks!

There are several major features included in this release. One of them is support for VS 2008 RTM. And another one is Solution Browser changes to support dialog and tool window modes. Solution Browser caches all files code model information on a separate from UI thread now. For those of you using Solution Browser with very large solutions, it’ll be beneficial if you set it to work in a tool window mode (via Tools|Options dialog, DPack|Solution Browser page). This will allow you to continue working while solution information is being cached in the background.

Here’s what’s new and changed since last version:

  • First Visual Studio 2008 RTM compatible version.
  • Updated Solution Browser to work in two modes - dialog (default) and tool window (new) one. New mode is controlled via new ‘Solution Browser’ configuration options page available from Options dialog.
  • Added File Browser ‘File Types To Always Show’ configuration option. This option allows you to setup files that will always be shown in the file list regardless of files mode engaged.
  • Added File Browser support for JScript, VBScript and Settings file types.
  • Improved File Browser designer files (.designer) support. Now when ‘Show All Files’ is selected, .designer files will be shown.
  • Reworked multi-language web projects supports. All browsers and Solution Statics should work correctly with multi-language web projects now.
  • Added ‘Events Only’ menu item to Code Browser’s Tools main menu. New command is accessible via Shift-Alt-E keyboard shortcut.
  • Added Code Browser and Solution Browser support for access modifier (public, internal (friend), protected and private) distinct icons. New since last beta.
  • Added Solution Statistics Export button to export statistics to a CSV file.
  • Added ‘Include configuration files’ and ‘Backup file name format’ Solution Backup configuration options. First option controls whether special .suo and .user files are included in the backup. And the second option allows for VS macro-like parameters in the backup file name.
  • Improved Framework Browser processing of .NET 3.0 and 3.5 assemblies.
  • Modified Framework Browser to automatically add selected namespace to imports section (using, imports, etc.) of the currently opened file. Supported for C# and VB only.
  • Reworked all browsers UI to have a similar and consistent look and feel.
  • Consolidated all menu items under a single Tools|DPack menu.
  • Fixed File Browser exception that was generated for web projects sometimes.
  • Fixed ‘Check for updates’ feature not working correctly sometimes.

As always, the new version is available at www.usysware.com/dpack/. Enjoy!

Sergey @ USysWare

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    Thank you very much, much appreciated!

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