DPack: to open source or not to open source

That is the question… Trying to convince myself one way or the other…

Sergey @ USysWare

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  1. 1 Dustin

    I’ve been a fan and supporter of DPack for several years. DPack is actually the only “free” project I’ve ever sent a donation to. You’ve done a great job on it and have continued to maintain and support it. I remember talking to you about this at one point a few years back. If it were mine, I can honestly say I would have a hard time opening it up purely out of fear of others destroying it. On the other hand, opening it up could take it far beyond anything you may have ever hoped or imagined.

    I guess I’m probably not helping much, but as a loyal user I would understand no matter which path you took.

  2. 2 Sergey

    Hey Dustin,

    Yeah, I remember talking to you about that. :) Truth is, I have less time to devote to DPack now: personal obligations and just development priority changes in general (I really am excited about Android). I feel like DPack is lagging a bit and I just don’t wanna see all of my hard work go into obscurity.

    I do realize that *if* OS were to happen then it’d mean more work short term. Not to mention getting the source code prepped for it. Some of it is *really* old and from the days of my learning C# and .NET, read *not clean*. :)

    I guess every project that opens up to OS stands a chance of getting ruined. I’m not concerned about that part as much anymore tbhwy. Your opposite take on it is what I think it could benefit from as oppose to just fading away.

    Thanks for your input. Still thinking it through…

    PS Time to go pet my puppy… :)

  3. 3 Marcos

    Hi there Sergey

    I love DPack, I used it for a long time and I can’t change it for nothing, Resharper and other tools have similar ways to navigate the code but I’m a fan of the simplicity and speed of Dpack

    I’m of the idea that you must open source DPack, I completely understand you about “show your code to the world” because it is not ready or so proffesional as you can do it now, but on the other side as open source developer of FileHelpers I must to said that not all the people get in the code, most of the users will report bugs with some code them changed to make it work.

    I have a ton of dirty code in the lib, but nobody said nothing about it.

    I thing that more than rewrite or refactor the code, you need to release the code providing a simple way to extend DPack, ie, use Dpack as a framework for build plug-ins over it.

    For example some interfaces IFilter, IMemberRender, IMemberSorter, IMemberDescriptor: so anyone can contribute with a module for do an special task (like show a little snippet of the code at side of the member,etc) without dealing older code that do the ground work.

    If you want to opensource DPack I can help you to mount some continous build environment:



    Just my 2 cents, keep us updated of what you decide :)

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