DPack for Visual Studio 11 update status

Just wanted to post a VS11 update status. After the conversion all features worked fine out of the box for the most part. I ran into browser features dialog mode problem, which I was able to figure out eventually. I did run into a showstopper with Bookmarks feature though. Bookmarks images aren’t drawn correctly or not at all, and no errors are returned from VS SDK afaict. I’ve submitted a bug report a few weeks back and heard… nothing back from Microsoft once the test case’s been provided. That’s what’s been preventing me from releasing a beta version.

My bug submission is right here on Connect:

The way Connect works supposedly is that they look at number of submission votes and if it appears to be high enough it gets looked at and resolved presumably. So, I’d appreciate if you guys hit the link above, you’ll need to sign in, and cast your vote. This will hopefully get things moving for all of us.


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  1. 1 kyriacos

    Thanks for the update

  2. 2 Lukasz

    Wouldn’t it be possible to release DPack in current state? Of course not as a final version but as some “pre-release” or “alpha” version. The bookmarks are nice but we could benefit from all other features in the meantime until Microsoft fixes that bug.

  3. 3 Sergey

    I’ll look into that. Thanks.

  4. 4 kyriacos

    microsoft: “I just resolved the issue in the product (changeset 673126). Thanks for submitting the report.”

    Does this mean it did not make it into the Visual Studio 2012 RC?

  5. 5 Sergey

    Not sure but I was wondering the same thing. I plan on checking out the RC this weekend. Will report my findings. Thanks to all who voted for it btw.

  6. 6 Erik Olofsson

    Another vote for a release without this bug fixed.

    The new solution explorer search feature is a poor substitute for USysWare File Browser :)

  7. 7 Sergey

    Doesn’t look like it’s been fixed in RC.

  8. 8 Sergey

    I’m not even gonna blog about as it’s rather alpha quality VS 2010 RC compiled version that I’ve just posted. People that *really* want an RC compatible version will find it here… Otherwise a “proper” beta will be the main release when it’s ready. :) Please report any alpha version problems via support forums. Keep in mind that bookmarks feature is still broken. Thanks.


  9. 9 kyriacos

    Thank you Sergey.
    I installed it and tested the File Browser which is what I use mostly, and it works fine.
    Thanks again.

  10. 10 Toni

    Thank you Sergey. Beta works fine in VS2012RC.

  11. 11 bruce

    Thanks for your effort for DP!

  12. 12 Sergey

    Will post a refresh in a few days. Sorry, didn’t get a chance to wrap it up over the weekend.

  13. 13 kyriacos

    Mine expired just now. I will be waiting for the refresh build.
    Thanks a lot.

  14. 14 Anders

    expired here too.. hope to see a refresh soon - need file browser! :) thanks!

  15. 15 kyriacos

    One whole day and not File Browser kind of killed my productivity,
    so I changed dpack.dll byte offset 0002ee29 from dc to de to increase the test period :|
    Sorry about that

  16. 16 Sergey


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