DPack for VS 2012 RC refresh

Just posted another unofficial beta version refresh of DPack 3.5.1 with rough VS 2012 RC support (beta is no longer supported). Please report any problems (other than the obvious work-in-progress UI issues) in the support forum. Enjoy.

DPack 3.5.1 (beta 2) for VS 2012 RC
DPack 3.5.1 (beta 2) for VS 2010

7 Responses to “DPack for VS 2012 RC refresh”

  1. 1 Nix21

    Hi guys, I’ve installed a release version of VS2012 and along with it a .NET Framework v4.5.50709, but the installation of your beta2 version of DPack ends right after it started with a message “Microfoft .NET Framework v4.5.50501 must be installed on your computer first”. Is it possible to “publish” a new version for current version of .NET (ie. 4.5.50709) or is there any workaround for this issue?

  2. 2 Sergey
  3. 3 anders

    Any chance of getting a time-extended build of this version? For various reasons I’m locked into RC at work for another couple of months..

  4. 4 Sergey

    Sorry, can’t do that I’m afraid. I deleted my RC VM and installation ISO. I would relax the setup scrip to let it run against an older .NET build but there were actually some breaking VS SDK changes, which made it no longer compile against RTM. So, I’m pretty sure DPack for 2012 RTM isn’t gonna work with RC anymore.

  5. 5 anders

    That’s unfortunate for me then :)

  6. 6 Harry

    So what now? Will there be a version for VS2012?

  1. 1 servilletero

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