DPack for VS 2012 RTM

Just posted another unofficial beta version of DPack 3.5.1 with VS 2012 RTM support (RC and Beta are no longer supported). Note that DPack’s VS 2012 UI look and feel is not fully baked yet. Please report any problems in the support forum. Enjoy.

DPack 3.5.1 (beta 3) for VS 2012
DPack 3.5.1 (beta 3) for VS 2010

9 Responses to “DPack for VS 2012 RTM”

  1. 1 Craig

    The file browser seems to only includes files of known file type. We use some files with custom file types and they don’t show up. Using the normal VS Ctrl+, key lets us find and open these files. It would be great if DPack did as well.

  2. 2 Sergey

    Hi Craig, File Browser shows code files only by default. If you need to see all files you’ll need to press “Show all files” button on the toolbar. There are also bunch of configuration options under Tools|Options|DPack|Browsers|File Browser, “File types to always show” notably in your case. Let me know if you have any other questions.

  3. 3 Craig

    Ah, sweet. Thanks Sergey. I’d stupidly not though to look for options. Bad me.

    Being able to jump directly to classes and methods is awesome. I’ve spent most of the last 10 years with Delphi and as good as VS is it’s navigation options leave something to be desired.


  4. 4 Callan

    Hi, DPack RTM Beta 3 has expired - 17/09/2012 (I’m at UTC+08:00). Will you be posting Beta 4 soon?

  5. 5 Halan

    Jepp, expired today on Bangkok time as well :)

  6. 6 Peter

    Same here. Will there be a new beta anytime soon?

  7. 7 Sergey

    Sorry guys. Meant to post a refresh but didn’t get to it. Away this week so it won’t happen til Sunday. Sorry about that.

  8. 8 Sergey

    New beta is up.

  9. 9 Torfi

    Thanks, it’s been a tough week without DPack

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