DPack for VS 2012 RTM refresh

Just posted another beta version refresh (DPack for VS 2012 RTM. Note that DPack’s VS 2012 UI look and feel is not fully there yet. Changes in the latest beta:

  • Updated Bookmarks toolwindow to support VS 2012 themes.
  • Misc browsers performance improvements.
  • Chrome/Oxygen language is no longer supported.

Please report any problems in the support forum. Enjoy.

DPack 3.5.1 (beta 4) for VS 2012
DPack 3.5.1 (beta 4) for VS 2010

13 Responses to “DPack for VS 2012 RTM refresh”

  1. 1 Isaac

    Still getting “Dpack beta expires on 17/9/2012
    this beta version has expired!…”

    I have removed the previous version of Dpack and install the new pack.


  2. 2 David

    thank you :-)

  3. 3 Halan

    Thanks! was a long week :)

  4. 4 Petr

    Still getting “Dpack beta expires on 17/9/2012
    this beta version has expired!…” even when beta 4 is installed.

  5. 5 Isaac

    i noticed that in “programs and features” the version of Dpack is still and not
    seems that something didn’t update in this version.

  6. 6 Petr

    I’ve checked version of DPack.dll and it’s really

  7. 7 Sergey

    Hi all, Looks like some of you didn’t get it installed correctly, somehow. Not sure how you get to that state as I’ve never ran into that before. If memory serves me well, which I’ll double check later tonight, for VS 2012 part of DPack is installed under \Microsoft Visual Studio 11.0\Common7\IDE\Extensions\DPack. Check DPack.dll version number to make sure it’s If not then I’d suggest searching your HDD for duplicates. Let me know how that goes.

  8. 8 Olaf

    Can you please elaborate on “Chrome/Oxygen language is no longer supported”? What does that mean in terms of functionality if I use DPack along with Oxygen in Visual Studio Shell. What features are no longer available?

    Thanks and regards, Olaf

  9. 9 Sergey

    Hi Olaf, basically all Oxygen specific project type and code model handling has been removed from DPack. DPack’s File Browser should still let you pick .pas files but it won’t be able to classify them as “code” files anymore. Thus File Browser will need to be used with “All Files” filter enabled. Code and Solution Browsers, Navigation and Solution Statistics features won’t work against Oxygen files/projects anymore. HTH.

  10. 10 Tek

    Will it support the VS 2012 express versions? I just tried with “VS Express for Web” and it did not install

  11. 11 Sergey

    Afraid not. Add-ins and extensions aren’t supported by Express versions in general.

  12. 12 Peter A

    Beta 4 expires in 4 days, any news on the next version?


  13. 13 Sergey

    Thanks for reminding me. I normally push those out weekend before the current beta expires, other than a few times when I forget to do that. I’ve been running Beta 5 for a while now and kept looking at end of November expiration time frame. Got bookmarks theme change related problem figured out (thanks Microsoft) so hopefully I’ll be able to wrap it up for a right after Thanksgiving release, ie about a month from now.

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