Another DPack for VS 2012 RTM refresh

Just posted new beta version (DPack for VS 2010 and VS 2012 RTM. VS 2012 themes/UI support is still work in progress. Changes in the latest beta:

  • Added ‘Command Prompt’ solution explorer context menu.
  • Fixed Surround With templates menu that got broken in the previous beta.
  • Added VS 2012 default theme change support.

DPack 3.5.1 (beta 5) for VS 2012
DPack 3.5.1 (beta 5) for VS 2010

I may not be able to reply to questions in the next couple of days due to the approaching hurricane Sandy as I suspect we’ll loose power tomorrow. So, post it here or in the support forums and I’ll get to that at a later time. Thanks.

10 Responses to “Another DPack for VS 2012 RTM refresh”

  1. 1 Callan

    Hi, it seems that the link is still Beta 4 - can you please post Beta 5 for download?

  2. 2 André

    the files are Beta5, so don’t worry. He only labeled it beta4 here in the text.

  3. 3 Jan

    Can you remove the timeout from beta 5 in case Sandy gets you ;-)

  4. 4 Sergey

    Yeah, it’s beta 5 - victim of copy/paste here. :) Hope we’ll make it through Sandy in once piece. The beta expiration date is set to right after Thanksgiving. I plan on moving the project to GitHub once v3.5 is out.

  5. 5 tek

    Will DPACK be available for the express versions of VS2012?

  6. 6 Craig

    I’ve got the same problem as Callan. After installing “beta 5″ when I try to use it in VS 2012 it says that it’s expired on the 29/10

  7. 7 Callan

    Unless I have some bizarre browser/proxy caching - I think the VS2012 link is still actually Beta 4. The VS2010 link seems to be fine. Can anyone confirm if the VS2012 link works for them?

  8. 8 Sergey

    tek, VS Express versions don’t support 3rd party add-ins or extensions.

    Callan, Craig, could be a proxy issue. I assure you that the right files have been pushed out. I triple checked. To avoid these reoccurring issues I’ve modified the build script to incorporate the version #, along the with the beta # for betas, into the setup executable file name. This post’s been updated as well to reflect the change. Give it a try to see if the new links work for you. Thanks.

  9. 9 Callan

    Hi Sergey, I appreciate your work on DPack, but have you thought about giving yourself a bit more time on the expiry dates? Beta 5 expired today and there’s no Beta 6 out yet.

  10. 10 Sergey

    Hi Callan,

    Sorry about the delay. I thought I had more time today as I keep forgetting that some of you guys are ahead of us here in the US, ie your beta had expired already. I was actually wrapping the new beta up in the past few hours, which is ready now.

    Month+ long betas is what I normally run with. Was hopping to have it GA by now but looks like with the holidays and all I may need another month to finish 2 more browsers UI refresh. Or so I hope.

    The new beta links can be found here:


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