DPack 3.8.1 (Beta 2) is available

DPack beta version is available now. It’s a small update, which introduces VS 2013 RTM compatibility. It also fixes a setup application problem on Windows 7 with both Visual Studio 2012 and 2013 installed side by side. Enjoy.

DPack 3.8.1 (beta 2) for VS 2012
DPack 3.8.1 (beta 2) for VS 2013

Sergey @ USysWare

2 Responses to “DPack 3.8.1 (Beta 2) is available”

  1. 1 Josh

    Thanks, I was hanging out for this. I installed VS 2013 RTM and promptly found it unusable without the DPack Code and Solution Browser tools. 64 bit Edit and Continue is great but without DPack support I simply couldn’t work in VS 2013!

  2. 2 Daniel

    Thanks for the quick reponse!

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