DPack 3.9.1 released

DPack version 3.9.1 has just been released. This is a first release that supports Visual Studio 2015 RTM. Please note that all pre-RTM versions including RC are no longer supported. Here’s what new and changed in this version:

  • Added Visual Studio 2015 support. All pre-RTM versions are no longer supported.
  • Deprecated Visual Studio 2012 support.
  • Improved browsers search matching.
  • Simplified all browsers UI.
  • Updated bookmark images.
  • Added Solution Explorer project node “Copy Full Path” item.
  • Updated Code Browser JavaScript support with assemblies from the latest v3.7 of JavaScript Parser extension.
  • Fixed setup application .NET framework version detection logic in order to work around Windows 8.1 (and up) installation problem.

The new version is available at www.usysware.com/dpack/. Enjoy.

Sergey @ USysWare

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