Visual Studio 2017 RC compatible DPack beta 3.9.7 released

DPack 3.9.7 (Beta) has just been made available for download.

It took quite a bit longer to finish Visual Studio 2017 RC compatible version but it’s finally at the point where I feel comfortable sending it out. VS 2017 turned out a lot more challenging to support than I had originally anticipated. Code compiled with little changes but deployment is where I stumbled. I used to distribute DPack as VSIX package and standalone setup executable, later being my personal preference. With VS 2017 multiple instance installations on the same machine support Microsoft made it very difficult to support my standalone installation, which also meant that custom keyboard schemes I developed could no longer be distributed as well. It took a while to work around that in order to support proper keyboard shortcuts customization. From here on when you install new DPack version for the 1st time it’ll ask you if you wanted to have keyboard shortcuts assigned. If you pick No you can always go back to DPack’s Tools|Options dialog and assign them from there.

On a side note and just as it’s been with all previous transitions to new Visual Studio version, older VS 2013 support’s been dropped.

Here’s what new and changed in this version:

  • Added Visual Studio 2017 RC support.
  • Improved displaying of generic types in Code and Solution browsers.
  • Added an ability to assign DPack’s shortcuts from Tools|Options dialog.
  • Deprecated Visual Studio 2013 support.
  • Framework Browser feature has been deprecated.
  • Moving forward DPack will be distributed as .vsix package only. Deprecated .exe based distribution model.
  • Added a few missing C++ projects supported code file extensions.

The new version is available at Additionally, beta is available on VS Gallery now too. Please let me know when and if you run into any issues. Enjoy.

Sergey @ USysWare

2 Responses to “Visual Studio 2017 RC compatible DPack beta 3.9.7 released”

  1. 1 Luis

    The download link if broken for VS 2017 RC

    Thanks for DPack

  2. 2 Luis

    The download link is working now.


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