DPack 3.11.3 released

DPack version 3.11.3 with VS 2017 support has been released.

In the effort to support VS 2017 I went with Extensions distribution model only, ie .vsix files. Most of the features are largely unaffected but one in particular’s been dropped - custom keyboard mapping schemes, as Extensions simply don’t support it. I worked around it for default keyboard shortcut assignment but Delphi keyboard mapping scheme’s no longer supported.

Here’s what new and changed in this version:

  • Added Visual Studio 2017 support.
  • Improved displaying of generic types in Code and Solution browsers.
  • Improved browsers matching accuracy.
  • Added an ability to assign DPack’s shortcuts from Tools|Options dialog.
  • Framework Browser feature has been deprecated.
  • Moving forward DPack will be distributed as .vsix package only. Therefore .exe based distribution model’s been deprecated.
  • DPack will be distributed as a single .vsix from now on targeting all supported VS version with one distribution package.
  • Added a few missing C++ projects supported code file extensions.
  • Fixed VS 2013/2015 Code and Solution Browsers C++ project handling regression (VS 2017 was fine though).
  • Fixed C++ assemblies dependency problem, which was causing some browsers to fail on systems without C++ component installed.

The new version is available on Visual Studio Gallery and at www.usysware.com/dpack/. Enjoy.

Sergey @ USysWare

5 Responses to “DPack 3.11.3 released”

  1. 1 Yue

    The “All file” function can’t find any files while the “allMembers” is working In Visual Studio 2017.
    Looking forward to your reply.

  2. 2 Sergey

    Works fine here. Please follow up using support email address if you’re still having this issue. Thanks.

  3. 3 Jason

    Man, I really miss the keyboard shortcuts. Any recommendations on how to get these shortcuts now? Is it possible to load them from a file or something like you can in some other IDEs?

  4. 4 Sergey

    Jason, you still should be able to re-assign the shortcuts from DPack’s Tools|Options dialog page.

  1. 1 Keyboard mapping scheme for Delphi at USysWare Blog

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