Keyboard mapping scheme for Delphi

As you may have seen, the latest DPack version no longer includes any custom keyboard mapping schemes, Delphi one including. See this post as to why it had to be changed that way. So, based on continued interest I’ve resurrected keyboard mapping schemes for VS 2013 and 2015, and added one for VS 2017.

The installation process’s manual but not too complicated:

  • download keyboard mapping scheme for your VS version (links below)
  • close Visual Studio
  • copy downloaded .vsk file to “[VS_installation_folder]\Common7\IDE” folder
  • start Visual Studio
  • change keyboard mapping scheme to Delphi one using Tools|Options dialog, Environment|Keyboard screen

Note that .vsk file name is what’s gonna be shown under options dialog. So, feel free to rename the file if you’d like.

Visual Studio 2017 Delphi keyboard mapping scheme.
Visual Studio 2015 Delphi keyboard mapping scheme.
Visual Studio 2013 Delphi keyboard mapping scheme.

Good luck.

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  1. 1 Paul

    Thanks, was always very useful and having just moved to VS 2017, it continues to be.

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