Converting DPack add-ins to VSIP package tales, part 3

Conversion for the most part is done. Looking back at my other VSIP posts, most of it turned out to be true. What didn’t work quite right is UI context setup. I’ve ended up addin some code to enable/disable individual commands. That was still not as extensive as similar add-ins code.

The installation has been updated to install new package with all of its dependencies. VSIP package appears to be a lot easier to register than add-ins. For one thing, there is no need to call ‘regasm’ on each add-in anymore. I did run into installation side effect though. According to Microsoft, after VSIP package is copied and appropriate registry entries are added, one must call ‘devenv /setup’ to merge in new commands. Similar command must be called at uninstall time. Unfortunately, that command resets all of the customizations made to the IDE, including toolbars and menu items. I’ve read on Microsoft team blogs that it should be addressed in VS.NET 2005 but we’ll have to live with it in VS.NET 2003.

Now let’s see what we’ve gained from this conversion:

Tighter IDE integration and better performance (snappier IDE) as a result of that
DPack’s commands can be placed on any toolbar now
Keyboard mapping scheme doesn’t need to be set to a custom scheme anymore for DPack’s keyboard assignments to take effect. DPack automatically assigns its shortcuts during install
At this point VS.NET 2003 DPack 2.0 beta is ready. I’m working on VS.NET 2005 beta. I plan on releasing both betas as soon as VS.NET 2005 support’s done.

Things to be added/investigated in the betas to follow:

Investigate adding Bookmarks custom images
Add DPack options page to Tools|Options dialog
If anyone is interested in testing the new beta feel free to contact me via email.

Sergey @ USysWare