New add-in in works

I’ve been working on a new interface implementer add-in. The idea is that you declare one or more interfaces on your class, hit some key combination and add-in will auto-magically add all required/missing members to satisfy the interface implementation. If any of the members are already present in the class then those members won’t be added.

Add-in will also insert the new method comments to indicate which interface member it implements. There will also be TODO items added for you to review the newly added members.

So, stay tuned…

Sergey @ USysWare

2 Responses to “New add-in in works”

  1. 1 sungchul ha

    Hi. First of all, tnx for your nice addin. I’ve been one of borland tools users and switched to VS.NET for develoing directx application.

    I’ve used your beta version( IIRC) but today when I launch VS.NET 2003, it says:

    ‘This beta version has expired. Please download the new version at
    This addin works well till now but I tried download it from your site and installed it again. But this same message still persists.

    What’s going on?

    And one more, your homepage removed download link for DPack. Is it on purpose or something else?


  2. 2 Sergey

    The new version is up on the web site. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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