DPack 2.5.3 is out

DPack version 2.5.3 is available now. Here’s what’s new and changed in this release:

  • Modified all browser features to support dos wildcards in the search filter. Previously, File Browser was the only feature with wildacards search support.
  • Added project name search support for File and Solution Browser features. Use column ‘:’ character to specify project name in the search string. The expression to the left side of column will be used to match project names (wildcards are supported). And the expression to the right of column will be used for regular search with all matching options that apply.
  • Added “Collapse All Projects” item to Solution Explorer context menu. This feature is inspired by and is similar to Gaston Milano’s CoolCommands/WhidbeyCommands. The key difference being is that it adds a solution level menu item as oppose to project level one.
  • Added “Search in Folder Names” option to File Browser toolbar.
  • Slightly improved DPack’s initial load time.
  • Updated DPack and installation application to use non-roaming user profile as oppose to roaming one for all supplementary files storage.
  • Fixed a problem with 3rd party projects handling. File Browser used to raise an exception on 3rd party projects that didn’t support file code model (Compuware’s DevPartner Studio session project, for instance).
  • Worked around a Solution Browser problem processing C++ projects with linked files.

DPack source code grew quite considerably since v1.0. Solution Statistics reports that DPack consists of over 25000 lines of code now! Wow.

The new version is available at www.usysware.com/dpack/. Enjoy!

Sergey @ USysWare