DPack - File Browser
Feature menu items location: Tools|DPack
Default keyboard shortcut: Alt-U - all solution files
Shift-Alt-U - opened files only

File browser tool allows one to locate and open any number of files in the entire solution. File browser works in two modes: dialog and tool window one. Tool window is a dockable window that is integrated into Visual Studio. And dialog comes up and goes away after selection is made. File browser mode can be changed using Tools|Options dialog, DPack|File Browser screen.

File browser allows one to filter file list based on custom search criteria. The search filter supports wildcards, such as * and ? characters, as well as multiple search expressions separated by spaces. Multiple search expressions act like AND operator. By default, folder names are excluded from the search. Use "Search in Folder Names" toolbar button to change that.

In dialog mode, file browser supports an additional mode called "opened files only". In this mode its dialog only shows the file names that are currently open in the editor. This serves as an alternative to Visual Studio's Windows or Ctrl-Tab functionality. See also File Browser Tips.

Dilaog mode File Browser screenshot

File Browser dialog

Tool window mode File Browser screenshot

File Browser tool window