DPack - Surround With
Feature menu items location: Editor context menu
Default keyboard shortcuts: Ctrl-K, X try/catch
Ctrl-K, T try/finally
Ctrl-K, Y try/catch/finally
Ctrl-K, U using
Ctrl-K, F for
Ctrl-K, E foreach
Ctrl-K, W while
Ctrl-K, D do while
Ctrl-K, I if
Ctrl-K, L if/else
Ctrl-K, S switch
Ctrl-K, O property
Ctrl-K, R region

Surround with feature allows one to insert one of the most commonly used code constructs into the currently opened source file. List of available code constructs varies slightly depending on the file's code language. Cursor position and text selection in the code file directly influences where and how the code construct is inserted.

If you have some code selected in the code editor then the selection is surrounded with the code construct, hence the feature name. If no code is selected then the code construct is pasted on the next line following the current line. See also Surround With Tips.

Surround With context menu screenshot

Surround With context menu